Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Contest Results!

Thanks to all who participated -- I'll be compiling a scrapbook of everything you sent! Eventually it would be fun to have an online scrapbook and I'll keep you posted.

Here's the winning photo! Taken by Mary B. (yes, she is our agent, but everyone was eligible) This was taken at Merlefest, and yes it does include Dirk Powell (but that's not why it won)

Here's why I made this #1. The framing of the shot is so dang cool. It just so happened in this instance that having Dirk there on the far right made for such a natural frame, and look at the movement on the right & the left w/ Ike. Yes, the mic is almost in the way. But not enough to kill it. Yes, my face is a little blurry. But look, Ma, no background (practically)! However, the final key ingredient for a winning photo is here: ACTION. An image that gives an idea of what you see when you see us perform... the excitement, the energy, that Wilders Thing... you can see it, right? Well, I can!

And, I am using it in the No Depression ad... with the help of a filter, the blurs don't matter anymore:

Congratulations, Mary! This is gonna look so cool in print. It's gonna be black and white, fyi.

There are several notable runners-up, and if you will each email me your snail mailing address, I'll make sure you get something special, too.

This one was a joint effort from Tammy & Rina... Taken just this past Sunday at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence... the action makes it notable... we're really leaning into it!

Here's one from Kim R. From Winfield 2004. I like the side angle for something different.

This one is from Dana. Also from Winfield 2004. For those who know us, it should be evident this was taken at the gospel set!

And, honorable mention goes to Loudon T. Also from Merlefest. I LOVE the action and if we'd seen Nate in the pic... anyway, it's fun!

Hope y'all enjoy seeing these! And even though THIS contest is over, I always love getting pics of us. Send 'em any time!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Photo contest!

Well, gang,

Since brotherphil is extra busy (that dude is hardly ever NOT busy), I offer a new header, new photo, but no real news. However, I do have a new contest! Whoo-hoo!

This photo was sent by Jeremy Rosenshine who was at the Greeley Roundup... Thanks Jer. Anyone else have some from last weekend?

OK -- here's the contest. I am looking for a good live image of us to use in our next ad for No Depression. (that's an alt-country magazine, not a psychological journal) I don't have anything I'm real excited about for that purpose yet. The best kind of photo would have not much going on in the background, and needs to show all our faces, and needs to be in focus. That's tough, I know! I need this photo no later than Monday, May 23, in order to use it.

If YOU have a good recent photo of us that you would like to submit for this use, you may win yourself an autographed photo of us (our Official Promotional Photo -- these are not for sale)! So, here are the guidelines -- in order to win, you gotta pay attention to these!

* Photo must be in digital format. (Scanned is ok)
* Photo must be at least 500K and no larger than 3 MB at time of sending. Jpg format preferred.
* Must show each Wilder's face (that's the biggest challenge -- gotta see Nate!)
* Does not have to be an on-stage photo.
* Must be taken no earlier than August 2004.
* Must be sent to: bewilder@kc.net no later than 1 pm, Monday, May 23.
* The most favorite photo will be considered for use in the ND ad. The winner will receive an autographed picture of the Wilders!
* Winner's photo and runners-up will also be posted here on the blog.
* This contest is my spur-of-the-blog-moment idea and therefore is entirely subjective -- my favorite will win!

As an example -- though I enjoy the photo above, it would not win the contest (sorry, Jer, nothing personal!). We are not quite in focus (another challenge when capturing us in a show, I know!); Ike's face is too shadowed (though I can do some work with that in Photoshop); and the background w/ the Greeley banner makes it really hard to get rid of the background (which I'd need to do for the ad). Also a preferred photo would be more of a close-up on the band (I can crop, but that's more manipulation and lower resolution potentially). Hopefully this will help clarify what I'm looking for.

Also, though, if your photo of us doesn't fit the requirements, you can still send it for fun! Just please keep it no larger than 1 MB for the fun ones. I'm still living with dialup slow-mo modem.

All right! This'll be fun!

Any questions?

Monday, May 09, 2005

Ants are taping names at Merlefest

We've been home for almost a week and it seems only natural that we're leaving this weekend... in fact I'm looking forward to it... though I must say I'm glad to only pack for a few days this time. That's one of the hardest things for tme is trying to decide what to bring -- I like to be prepared for about anything and that makes for some heavy baggage!

So a few responses are due here...

- Ants. Last summer on our first long tour, I parked my car at our friend Kc's house, in his driveway by his back yard. Specifically, on this concrete slab next to his driveway which was mostly covered in grass and some vines and such... it's not used often. When I picked up my car after it sat there for a month, I noticed a few ants on the door or somewhere. Drove it home and the next day when I opened my door, I saw a multitude of ants in the inside of the door, at the floor level.

For those of you who don't already know this, I am not exactly happy about lots of bugs being around me.

Well, I swept those ants out and maybe later that day I opened the passenger door. Same story over there. Ick. More sweeping. Even more ants coming out the hood of the car and around the back hatch as well. I got some ant traps and some killer spray and spent the next number of days spraying and sweeping and almost weeping from frustration. They weren't coming out the vents, but they did start making a move toward the center of the car and I was feeling like I was living in some kind of horror movie. I don't remember all the details -- I try to block out yucky things like that from my memory -- but my friend Kim (S., not W.) said she would help me out and bomb it with some of that ant-and-pest-heavy-duty-bug-bomb-type-stuff when we left again (maybe a week or so later). About all I remember after that was that the bomb didn't work when I talked to Kim. However, a couple of days after the bombing, Kim's partner Mark said to her that he would talk to the ants and simply ask them to leave. Now, if anyone has the power to do that, it would probably be Mark (and maybe, Baby Gramps). And you had better believe that those ants took off. End of story, I'm telling the truth as it was told to me and I have no reason not to believe it.

A related story about me and bug phobias took place last year at Tick Fest. No, the pest wasn't a tick but was a wasp nest. There are always lots of wasps at the ranch and that's almost scarier to me than ticks. Well, throughout the weekend I went in and out of the ranch house and maybe once noticed a wasp flying around the door when I entered. I just tried to pretend I wasn't scared (they can smell it, you know) and then tried to forget about it. I never knew about the nest until Kim and Mark told me, and I think they might have told me after the ants were asked to leave my car. Cause, you see, Mark had talked to the wasps too, and had asked them to not bother me, and in return, they could keep their nest where they'd put it, right over the door of the ranch.

Thanks, Mark.

- Merlefest. After a hard month of touring and making no money, this was about the best reward we could have gotten. I may try to write a whole post about it but for now, I will say that the response we got was really probably the highest powered, most exuberant, and genuinely rewarding experience for me, anyway. I mean, we've gotten some great love from audiences, from our dear friends here at home to new audiences like Wintergrass earlier this year... but standing up after a few songs? Whoa mule! I still shake my head in amazement when I think about it.

In conclusion, thanks to everyone at Merlefest -- we talked to so many awesome folks and I also want to welcome our new groopers!

This brings us to another response:

- Taping. And photographing. Or videoing. We are absolutely okay with it. If that ever changes, we'll get the word out. But all we ask is that you share the goodies with us. We'll give you an address if you talk to us at a show. I don't know what the Greeley fest rules are, but I'd bet that it's okay there. I think very few festivals are like Winfield in that regard.

We actually really enjoy hearing our shows because it helps us to learn more about how we're doing. We are now posting live stuff on our Listen page and have used tracks done by others there, and that's fun for anyone who's visiting the site.

The only thing that would not be okay (and I don't think this is happening, but just in case) is for anyone to tape our show and then sell it. Cause that hurts us, ouch. We won't sell what you tape unless we talk to you about it first, but we wouldn't plan for that anyway. But we would like the option of posting mp3s on our site if that's okay with you.

OK? Great! And please come up and introduce yourself this weekend! Or any other time, for the rest of you.

- What about the name game??

I must say that brophil's contest sure brought out the creative side in all of you. There were some interesting suggestions! This is Phil's contest and hmmm, he never did say which one he or we liked best, did he? But did you notice that it was whichever name that was liked the best, and that name would not necessarily become the van's name? It's implied but not implicit.... I wonder how many of you are shocked right now! Anyway, take a deep breath. We kinda played around with some names on the road but nothing worked or felt right. We kinda decided that we'd just let a name happen rather than work on it too hard. Then on our last night at Merlefest, I was talking to Nate and it just came out... we were talking about McDonald's for some reason. Who cares, except that it's an inside band joke cause we do try to avoid eating there -- we call it the Brown Clown, or sometimes the Brown Frown (which is a derogatory expression for the aftereffects of eating there)... this is necessary for you to understand what happened next. I said, hey, that's the van! The Brown Clown! It made us both laugh and the next day on the way home we made it official. But we didn't christen it with a big mac or anything! I don't know, this story came out awkwardly but at the time it was funny and see, this van is not quite as closely beloved to us as even Gladys (our first van) was. We don't want to get too attached to it. The Clown is going to help us to get to the next transportation level, and then it's seeyalateralligator.

Any other answers or questions?