Friday, September 07, 2007

The Wilders- "Sittin' on a Jury" available Sept.11th, 2007

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Howdy folks,
We are proud to announce our most recent release: "Sittin' on a Jury" . Recorded during our November 2006 sessions at Dirk Powell's Cypress House Studios, this limited edition 10" album (on red vinyl!!!) clearly marks a transition from the old school country and old time music you've grown to love, to the original music that's been germinating in our subconscious for the last year of so.

Side-A opens with an old Flatt and Scruggs gem, "Bringin' in the Georgia Mail". Then we put the honk in the tonk on Hank Williams' classic, "Long Gone Daddy". We round out the side with a wonderfully sloppy and loose version of "Brown's Dream"- an old time fiddle tune pushed to its limit, with Dirk Powell sitting in on banjo, and the band sounding like it might be the last thing we would ever record (it WAS, in fact, the last song we recorded during the session).

Side-B is the title track, "Sittin' on a Jury"- a 9+ minute meditation on yours truly's experiences while sitting on a Kansas City 1st degree murder trial jury in 2005. It is completely different that anything you've ever heard from us before, with surpising instrumentation and unbelievable additional production from Dirk Powell.

Sound great? Well, hell yeah. But I can hear the critiques coming in now..."But I don't have a turntable any more..." Well, no problem, because inside each 10" vinyl jacket, you will find instructions to acquire a free digital download from Free Dirt Record's website. Follow the instructions, and you can burn a cd version of the EP, that will play on any old regular cd player. Or, better yet, slap them directly on to your Mp3 player and listen to them in the privacy of your own brain. So, even if you don't have the archaic technology to actually play the beautiful vinyl version, we've made sure that you can still enjoy the music, without any additional cost. Warning! Free Dirt Records is only pressing 2000 copies of the vinyl version. So I urge you to go to and order a copy now. It is certain that we WILL SELL OUT OF THESE, and once they are gone, they are gone forever. So please, reserve your copy as soon as possible. Thanks friends.