Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Big John"

We started doing this old tune from the 1960's several years
ago. Never a regular in our sets, its a tune that sort of makes
itself known when it needs to be played. This night, we were
playing a private show in Scotland. It was a good crowd-
really close to us, but we were burned out after two solid
weeks on the road. I can't say its the best we've ever played it,
but it has a certain feeling that I think translates something
beyond what Jimmy Dean originally got across in his version...


  1. Wow, dear Wilders! A new design!
    I loved the old, BUT the new one is veeeeery fine too! - topical, real select and the pictures from you all ..... yes - it´s a great work!!!
    Good to go with the time!
    "Big John"? - I like it! Perfect for a new start!
    All the best for you!!!

  2. I think that this is one of the best videos of you uns ever. Wow. The shadows and Phil being in the shadows the whole time. Coolnes beyond belief. This should be the first song on that next LIVE album you uns never talk about. I like the new website, I guess the orange is subliminal in some way. I feel all calm and relaxed and don't want to kill the boss anymore. Keep bring on the videos BroPhil, they are awesome!

  3. LVJ, that´s a gooood idea --> "Big John" on the next cd!!
    AND pleeeeeeeease "God made me ..."!!
    AND "Bull Shoals"!! - think it is on Betse´s cd? - I will see. Jutta
    PS: LVJ, great picture from you and your bass!!

  4. Thanks for the blog update BroPhil...I like the new orange color.

    Jimmy Dean's version of "Big Bad John" has always been a favorite of mine. I now like The Wilder's version better GREAT JOB!!
    If I get to go to Winfield, I will request that you play that in one of your sets.